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Jonesin' for that Indium High?

by Downer Cow

2005-11-12 18:39:28

Do you suffer from "ADD, blood pressure, stress-related problems, body weight, autism" or aging? Of course you do, and that's why you need the Liquid Indium Supplement from Kornax Enterprises.

Mmmm . . . indium. Element number 49. Boron's weird country cousin. According to Kornax, "It is not found in food or water; in fact, although it is not ordinarily found in the human body at all . . . " it gets you high . How could you resist getting wasted on the Liquid Chi program (including Vulcan's Treasure)?

But while you're on that indium high, you may sense that your brain tissue is softening. Well it must be, but don't worry, Liquid Germanium Supplement will take care of that. Your grey matter will be hard as a rock in no time.

If that's not enough for you, check out the Liquid Sodium Supplement. Did you know that "While sodium chloride is a compound that is unusable by the body, sodium is essential and one of the most misunderstood minerals in the body." Ain't that the truth.

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