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Stop HR 2987! Fucking Fucking FUCK!!!!!!
2000-07-19 18:15:44

Substance Recreation
If you don't have political opinions, I will personally break down your door and curbstomp you.
-- Miles Standish


Gaaah! I HATE the goddamned Congress! Why must they step on our simple, easy FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN rights all the time!? What is the MATTER with these people! Fukkers! USA out of my stash box!!! is what I say.

Here's the dealy-do: HR2987, the so-called "Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act," contains language that would make it HIGHLY ILLEGAL to discuss the proper use of recreational drugs and safety issues regarding them on the Innurnet. This would mean that excellent harm-reduction sites like Dance Safe, which give important health and safety information to people who use drugs, would be SHUT DOWN.

The fact is that people use drugs. They need information about what drugs are good, what drugs are bad, how to keep from getting killed using drugs, how to take care of yourself when on drugs. Why the Congress of these United States feels the need to prevent you and me from getting real safety information on substances we use is BEYOND ME. It's an outrage! It's a violation of our sacred right to be BAD PEOPLE in a GOOD WAY.

The thing is, this isn't just an anti-Drug War issue. It's also an Internet freedom issue. Why oh WHY should we as citizens be disallowed from peacefully discussing issue in our life? What next? Will you be prevented from talking about tax loopholes? How about SPEEDING or JAYWALKING? What kind of country do we have when the government decides what's legal or not, AND decides whether or not you can discuss repealing those laws? A BAD country, that's what kind.

So, do something for your personal and on-line freedom today. This link goes to a Web page that will send a form letter or fax to your Congressional representative to tell them to oppose this bill and NOT TO BE A PUTZ. It takes like 3 minutes to go through, and after that you get to act like a sanctimonious defender of liberty to all your friends. So go sign it immediately! It's a hot issue! Protect your rights to protect yourself.

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