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It's 4/20! Smoke Em if You Got Em!
2000-04-20 17:57:17

Substance Recreation
What do you drink, those little things called "pints"?
-- Master Squid


So, here's my big conspiracy theory that I just made up: why do so many baddy-bad things seem to keep happening on April 20th? Hmm? Why? The Waco fire, the Oklahoma City bombing, the little disturbance in Littleton -- what's the CONNECTION!?

I'll tell you what the connection is: the MAN is trying to keep us DOWN. All those horrible things are just a big distraction by the PHEDS to try and make people associate FIRE, MURDER, BLOOD and DESTRUCTION with the most wonderful of pothead celebrations, FOUR-TWENTY DAY.

4/20 (just like 4:20, get it?) is this kind of fabulous spontaneous holiday that serious pot smokers take real serious. It's not about self-righteous speeches and medical mari-joo-wanna and all that kind of boring stuff. It's about going to SAN FELIPE or PISMO BEACH with a bunch of other stoneheads in your VAN and taking MONSTER BONG HITS until your hands and feet fall off because you're just way too high. Now THAT is a holiday, my friends! No two ways about it!

OK, that conspiracy theory is pretty much not true. But it sounds good. Anyways, who wants to get all SADDY-SAD and retrospective and shit on 4/20 when you could go out and smoke some BIG GOBS of HASHISH with your friends instead!? What kind of choice is that? No choice at all, I say! Go smoke! Go! Go!

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