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Romulan Highball

by Baron Earl

2004-03-28 17:14:35

On a hot spring night after dinner and before the night's serious drinking begins, a Romulan Highball really hits the spot.

We made this up after raiding the bar at a friend's Mardi Gras party, looking for anything alcoholic and blue. We found what we were looking for in a bottle mysteriously labeled "Island Blue Pucker". Yes! A NEW form of alcohol ripe for abuse.

For this you need:

  • Half a can of cold diet Sierra Mist
  • Two shots of Island Blue Pucker

That's it. REALLY easy to make. Just mix the two ingredients together, IN ANY ORDER. No ice needed if your Sierra Mist has been chilled. Drink it down, make another, repeat. You'll feel that your wittiness quotient has just gone up 1000% and you'll want to make witty comments to anyone in earshot. Just make sure that they have a few Romulan Highballs too, so they'll understand just how witty you are.

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