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Blurry Sharp Meltdown

by Baron Earl

2001-08-04 10:15:00

When you've been up all night sampling other Spocktails and guzzling absinthe, you need a morning pick-me-up with some KICK. Time for a tall glass of Blurry Sharp Meltdown!

The Blurry Sharp Meltdown is part chemical, part liquid. Take a tall glass, squeeze in two fresh grapefruit and three oranges. The juice must be FRESH. Bottled juice or (bleah!) juice-from-frozen-concentrate will just make you puke after you've been up drinking all night. Add two shots of vodka, Kettle 1 or Absolut will do nicely. Fill a second glass with DARK, thick coffee, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and two tablespoons of half&half. Get a small bottle of cool spring water.

Arrange on the counter two capsules of Metabolift (with Ma Huang) and a 100mg capsule of 5-HTP.

Put the 5-HTP on your tounge and wash down with half the juice. Take the two Metabolift capsules and wash down with the rest of the juice. Chug the coffee. Chug the water.

You'll feel refreshed and ready for another day -- not hungover at all.

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