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The Bloody Dog
2000-07-28 18:22:34

Spocktail of the Week
Mommy, why does that bad man of the future have a Spock dildo up his butt?
-- Ben Franklin


First there was the Bloody Mary: Vodka, Tomato Juice, Worcestershire sauce, some spices, and celery. We drank it, and it was good. Then any drink with tomato juice got a prefix of "bloody" attached to it. We drank them, and they were mostly bad. Now Pigdog gets back to basics and introduces The Bloody Dog, a drink with REAL BLOOD in it. HUMAN BLOOD.

I was actually making a pitcher of Greyhounds when I invented the Bloody Dog. When I make Greyhounds I take a large pitcher and add:

  • One can of frozen grapefruit juice. (slightly thawed)
  • Three cans of water.

Mix well until there are no more chunks of frozen grapefruit juice floating around, then add:

  • Lots of crushed ice.
  • Lots of vodka. (I use about a half liter of Skyy Vodka per pitcher.)

At this point, accidentally cut yourself on a inconvienently-placed knife and bleed into the pitcher. Bleed a lot. You're aiming for a slightly-pinkish color for the drink, as if you've used pink grapefruit juice.

Dress your wound and serve!

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