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Spock Club on the Web
1999-01-03 23:07:00

With respect to the no-dancing prohibitions, I strongly recommend that you see the documentary film "Footloose."
-- Mr. Bad


Everyone loves SPOCK. That's a given, right? So why aren't you looking at the Spock Club Page RIGHT NOW!!?!?!

This page has all the info you need to learn about Spock. Like when he was a boxer, or when he was on "Mission Impossible". Or about his crazy voice-overs and when Spock was on "The Simpsons"!! Lots of bad Spock pictures and etc. AND they have lists of appearances by Spock on TV and in PERSON like EVEN SPOCK COULD COME TO YOUR HOMETOWN AND YOU WOULD MISS IT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T READ THIS PAGE!!!!!1!

The Spock Club has a club and stuff, and this crazy newsletter called "Yomin" (GET IT!?!) with articles about Spock and even addresses of people you can be SPOCK PENPALS with. Really! You can send people all over the world letters about SPOCK! So go check out the Spock Club today! Tell 'em Pigdog sent you.

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