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Get On The Bus!

by Flesh

2000-08-15 09:15:41

Thinking about moving to Silly-con valley in order to become an overnight millionaire? Think again.

It always amazes me how many people ignore history, then end up repeating the same dumb mistakes that their ancestors made. Case in point: people from all over the globe are swarming into Silicon Valley in order to get their share of the economic boom, with dreams of becoming multi-millionaires before they turn 30.

Can anyone say "The California Gold Rush of 1839-47"?

the sad fact is, just like then as now, most will never realize their dreams of riches and comforts. Many will be driven to levels of destitution that were never imagined before.

If you happen to be like many, and think you can beat odds, remember this, the odds are always in the house's favor. and if this doesn't convince you, perhaps a look at where you'll be living will.

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