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Apple Will Reveal Cool, iMac-like Laptop!
1999-07-15 18:07:15

Scary Technology
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Steve Jobs will show off a new CRAZY LOOKING laptop at the MacWorld convention in New York next week, aimed at students, home users, and cheapskates. The new portable has a massively reengineered architecture and a wacky new case.

The new machine is designed to provide most of what you get with a PowerBook, but be more durable, and less expensive. Most likely, it will have a 300MHz (or faster) G3 processor, 32 megs of RAM, a 12" passive matrix screen, and a shitty IDE hard drive.

However, the laptop's motherboard will be cutting edge. Almost all of the components, except CPU, will be on one chip. The new all-in-one architecture and low power screen should add up to long battery life. Because there wont be as many components to get broken, the machine should be able to withstand heavier abuse.

Most importantly, Pigdog has learned -- well, we have it on good rumor -- that the CASE for the new machine will be extremely curvy, and made from translucent, colorful plastic, ala the iMac!

It is not known whether it will come in fruit-inspired fashion colors. But if its path is similar to that of the the iMac, Apple will release it in blue first, and follow up with other fruity colors later.

The new machines should be on the market in time for this year's Christmas season.

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