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Attack of the Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!!
1999-11-29 02:09:13

Scary Technology
The Weird get isolated and destroyed by white blood cells in the Disney bloodstream pretty quick.
-- Mr. Bad


It's true!! It's true!! The Germans are Bad People, almost as rotten as the British! The proof is in the SCIENCE! German "scientists" have discovered a way to genetically attach glowing jellyfish goo to bug DNA, creating FRANKENBUGS!! Bugs with GLOWING GREEN EYES!!

You're thinkin', "So what? That's not so bad, that's kinda cool!" But, no! Can you imagine bugs in the night with eyes that glow green? Mutation beyond mutation? Until that ONE day when that ONE mosquito with GLOWING GREEN EYES sucks the blood of that ONE innocent mother to be? Then what?! I'll tell you what!! ROSEMARY'S BABY!! That's what!

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