Whatever happened to Wil Shipley?
2001-01-29 22:36:25

The Rollins-Shipley Crisis
Please leave my undergarments out of this discussion.
-- Daisy


It's been two years since Pigdog Journal initiated ongoing coverage of daily crises in the life of Wil Shipley. The software executive posted 51 frantic essays over a 10-week period documenting the end of his nine-year relationship with web celebrity Kim Rollins. Shipley has now posted an update...

"Not many people will see this," Shipley begins, "because not many people still read this journal, seeing as how I haven't written in it in two years." Shipley's essays had originally appeared under the title "Ouch," until his recovery progressed and he substituted the mellower title, "Scab." "I occasionally get mail from people saying, 'I just read through your old journal and I hope your life is better'," Shipley continues. "So, this is for them..."

What happened to the OmniGroup President and founder? After a very-public display of anguish over the loss of his long-time lover, Shipley now looks back on the journal-keeping experience with mixed emotions. "[T]here's a part of me that is kind of embarrassed to have been so open about my pain," he writes, "but I remember that it really helped me, so I give myself a break."

Shipley describes himself as a different person now -- much happier -- and ironically, says that breaking up with Kim Rollins was the best thing that could've happened to him. Shipley adds that Kim "came back" -- though it's not clear if that was to Wil, as one Pigdog Journal reader suggested, or simply to Seattle. In any case, Kim remained unhappy.

But our Wil has moved on. "I'm dating," he writes, "and I've met some nice gals but nothing has really clicked yet.

"I'm pretty picky."

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