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Woodstock Ends In Rioting the Way Webzine99 Should Have
1999-07-26 13:41:53

What a Riot!
Once you accept the Bozo that is within yourself, you can accept the Bozo that is within us ALL. And they all had the best Christmas ever.
-- Tjames Madison


Woo hoo! I wasn't there, of course, but people were very angry and revolutionary in a good way at Woodstock, it seems. It was not a Catholic high school production of Hair.

Five hundred cops in riot gear busted up the whole place, and it took a very long time to put out the fires. The whole thing was shut down because a few hundred rowdy folks ruined it for everyone else! Hoorah for the few hundred rowdy folks!

In eerie parallelism, WebZine 99 was busted up by five hundred cops in riot gear, just as I got there, because of an irksome loud noise generator and an unrelated fistfight in the same place a week or so before. Except that there were like three cops, and the only riot gear they were using were flashlights.

And I didn't get to see any robots fighting. There should have been battle-robots, to fight off the cops.

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