Virtual Sit-In == Real World Hacktivism
2001-06-12 16:45:20

What a Riot!
Clinton said he tried marijuana and didn't inhale - what does that tell you? Brownies or hash cakes?
-- Bill Hicks


Dig this shit, freaky peoples: virtual sit-in to protest the Navy bombing in Vieques. Tomorrow! Wed. Jun 13! Join the protest and meet some protest chicks! (Protest chicks are notoriously loose, by the way. Just so you know.)

All right, so here's the scoop: there's this little island off of Puerto Rico called Vieques. It's an awful pretty little place, with lots of people living on it. However, for about the last 75 years the US Navy has been acquiring land on Vieques and using that land for bombing practice, dumping, and general Big Evil Military Shit.

People in Vieques are pretty sick of it, I guess. I would be too! Hell! So anyways this is like a big protest thing, and there's always angry people protesting about the Navy, like all over the place, and even though the Vieques people have been able to stop bombing off and on, right now the bombings are BACK ON. And the Vieques people are pretty P.O.'d. Hell, I can't say I can make heads or tails of the whole thing, but I guess if you're the type who carefully weighs your decisions, you can read more about it at the Vieques Libre Web site.

The coolio thing about this whole deal is that they are setting up a VIRTUAL SIT-IN for people who are down on the whole bombing-and-dumping thing. I'm not sure of the details of the virtual sit-in, but my guess is that they're going to do something like what the Electrohippies set up during the eToy toy.WAR Dieter artist protest thing. Namely, they set up a few pages with some of that there Javurscript to do a DOS attack on CONSIDERING the big secrecy going on around the Vieques sit-in, my guess is that they're doing something similar.

Which is EXCELLENT. Beaujolais for them! Sit-ins are wonderful and coolio, and virtual sit-ins are even better! Because nobody hits you on the head with a police baton! And because they're all virtual like in "The Matrix." All good things! I have to say that I appreciate the fine ideas behind creative mayhem executed on the Innurnet -- because these things are important. Because resistance is freaky and strange. Because the Innurnet is a real cool place to have a war.

Anyways, check out the Virtual Sit-In and maybe do some sitting for a while. Why not? Hell. You have my word that Vieques is a good enough cause for you to take the big effort of clicking on the link below. Sure, hell. But if you score any good drugs at the protest, you have to bring some back for me.

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