Protesters Win; Tjames Wrong
1999-12-03 09:33:39

What a Riot!
All I ask is that everyone else in the world be as mediocre as me. Is that so wrong?
-- Mr. Bad


If there's one thing Seattle loves, it's when the whole family gets together and protests the WTO. The mayor has spoken in favor of the protests, albeit prompted by a negative-press bitchslap. The police are now escorting and assisting the rioters. People are now protesting mostly to free the protesters. Has the protest been assimilated back into the normal world? Also, Tjames is wrong.

So, it's starting to look like a cozy aftermath. The main group of protesters is condemning the violent ones. The press is starting to cover the press coverage of the issue. People are starting to think about people in jail and the consequences. The WTO meeting is almost over. Also, Tjames is totally wrong about the risk of the WTO kicking the USA out; nobody kicks the USA out of anything - I mean, FUCK, the USA hasn't been kicked out of the Southeast Asian Trade Organization, and it's NOT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA.

It looks like the more riotish parts of the riot were caused by a bunch of punks from Eugene, Oregon. To them, I say, "Oi!" It looks like the city government's getting mildly apologetic for getting caught being a government. To them, I say, "Oi!" It looks like Tjames thinks that the best thing to do is to try to maneuver the WTO into acting like non-bad people. To him, I say, "I don't think the WTO was created with secret meetings, no democratic measures, and the ability to overrule the laws of national governments so that they could help people."

So, it looks like there's an emerging class of citizen devoted to whatever protest is happening, wherever. They bring their signs to the protest, even if the sign has nothing to do with it. I like to think that, once they leave the peace-love spectrum, they'll start applying their fighting-riot-cops experiences to develop a NEW COMBAT STYLE. They'll be like an elite cadre of copstopping hippie ninjas! YEAH! Forged in fire, with hearts of ice. Raised and honed as a TOOL OF WAR against the state. Their Kung Fu and the power of their Ghost Dance will render them immune to rubber bullets! RAINBOW SQUAD SIX!

Uh, where was I? Oh yeah. Last night, I had an idea for rewriting "The Murders at the Rue De La Morgue" from the perspective of the orangutan. Maybe the orangutan could go to Seattle and start protesting when he's done in Paris.

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