Boy Howdy! That's some damn fine Pigdog!


Fuck the Issues! Let's Tear Shit Up!
1999-12-01 14:38:15

What a Riot!
Oh good; more stupid. We were running low.
-- S. Dallas, Esq.


Okay, so the protesters include a set of stupid people. The fact is, they've caused serious problems for the WTO with their merry ragamuffin ways, and I say that puts them on the Environmentalist Santa's Nice list. Even the Commies.

But now, President Clinton is in town, police are declaring national emergency and arresting anyone on sight, and those who unbellyfeel WTOthink are being taken to the miniluv building. But people are still going out and protesting in big numbers. Big stupid numbers, maybe, but still big numbers.

Personally, I think this is going to be a major embarassment for the United States Government. Uncle Sam trying to look all cool and gain popularity by having the party at his house, and then his stupid nephew is throwing shit. I bet some WTO muckety got his feelings hurt, and is making all kinds of big Star Chamber threats which would demote Clinton down to a 63rd degree Mason or something.

I bet that Falun Gong is involved somehow.

And I think the protesters are all having mind control messages beamed from below by Mother Earth's psionic deathwaves, because they forgot to wear tin foil shoes.

Uh, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Seattle. Protestors. Government backlash. Way to go, dumb effective protestors. You're still not getting any free love from me, though.

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