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Psychopaths Do It Better
1999-08-04 19:58:47

We're Professionals, Dammit!
It's the black bile and evil venom that gives me the strength to keep on living.
-- Bad Pixie


So, the thing is that journalism on the Web is way way way different from, like, following some dumb politician around or going out on Main Street to ask people how cold it is. It takes IRON WILL and BOWELS of STEEL to do reportage on this crazy medium. Few wishy-washy crossovers make the grade -- the Online Journalism Review knows that.

See, being a Web reporter, like us here at Pigdog Journal, requires a CONSTANT state of HYPERAWARENESS. Like you've been on SPEED for THREE WEEKS and you're in the BAD PART OF TOWN trying to SCORE from some guy with bad breath and a hillbilly beard and ONE ARM and your buddy's sure been in there A LONG TIME like a REAL LONG TIME and now those BAD MEN on the CORNER are walking toward you and laughing in the bad way.

That kind of hyperawareness, is what I'm talking about. There.

So, like I was saying, journalism on the Web is DIFFERENT. And that's why we need this here Online Journalism Review. It has really great coverage of trends and weirdnesses in Web journalism, and it doesn't stop with just the dumb big papers like the Post or the Times or whatever. It covers all the good sites that are doing all kinds of like reporting and shit.

Not only do they cover stories about journalism, but they've got all these resources for people trying to write up that journalism thing on the Web. Like, links lists and stuff. And they have good stories on hackers, and they even have a story about writing about wrestling, which is what got R.U. Sirius in all that trouble there and like that.

The OJR is affiliated with this here School of Journalism, up at the USC there, which I think says a lot more for USC than I'd give that school credit for. When *I* was in college, USC was where dumb people with lots of money and nice hair went. But, they have this OJR thing, so it can't be all bad.

OK, so check out the OJR. Tell them Pigdog Journal sent you, and that we will be mad if you don't read their site. That will make them let you in.

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