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Women arrested in Moscow for not speaking

by Generalissimo Fresh-n-Fruity

2022-03-15 04:32:51

A woman in Moscow speaks to a cameraman. "I'd like to ask your opinion," she says, "If I could just say two words." She then holds up a sign that literally says "Two Words" and before she can finish the sentence "Am I going to get arrested for this?" she is hauled off by five police in full body armor to a nearby police vehicle the size of a school bus.

Three of these buses are parked nearby, along with a smaller van. Aside from the windshield and left & right windows around the cab so the driver can see, the buses have no other windows, just featureless white metal walls for sides. The police came prepared to arrest a lot of people.

Another woman appears, and asks if the camera operator is only filming the opposition? He assures her that he wants to hear from all sides, and she starts to say something that sounds like support for the regime, but before she can finish her sentence she also gets hauled off by the goon squad to a waiting bus.

The Russian establishment is so afraid of any dissent that they're rounding up anyone who will even speak into a camera.

In another Russian city, Nizhny Novgorod, this woman holds up a COMPLETELY BLANK SIGN. She is immediately hauled off by the police.

The two words that the phrase "two words" refers to are "No war," but it's not safe to say "No war", that will get you arrested. So people started saying "Two words," and now they're getting arrested for that. So they hold up signs saying nothing at all and then they get arrested for THAT.

The message is clear: Don't speak. Don't have an opinion. Stay home, shut up, obey.

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