Burn them ALL! ALL of THEM!


Where's Pigdog?
1999-09-05 14:59:36

Pigdog Journal
The latest craze sweeping my apartment is two-fisted coffee and beer drinking. I call it "Boffeer".
-- Mr. Bad


Pigdog has been uncharacteristically quiet lately. The regular voices that keep the site abuzz have fallen still. Where are the erstwhile champions of free speech? Normally it's hard to get them to shut up.

What is the answer to this strange mystery? Has Art Bell hired black-ops assassins to eliminate Pigdog? Was there a mass alien abduction? A strange kool-aid cult suicide? Or perhaps something even more sinister?

Perhaps Pigdog is on a secret mission investigating strange new beverages, to seek out new drugs and new journalistic triumphs. To boldly expose what no one has seen before. Perhaps Pigdog is on a field trip to the Peruvian mountains to bring back ethnological data for continued mind-control experimentation.

Probably They're all just whooping it up in the desert.

Either that or I'm hitmongering to get you back to the site. Wouldn't that be sick? Linking back to Pigdog just to recycle a few hits? We'd never sink that low.

Over.  End of Story.  Go home now.


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