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Ron Paul Loses, Anarchists Blame Media

by Pao Tzu

2008-02-06 10:56:07

Ron Paul has not secured many delegates after spending millions on his Republican campaign. Note that the opinions stated here are mine and not the opinions of the staff.

For the record, I voted for this Ron Paul dude. I even told other people that they should register Republican and go vote for him. I have a pretty good record of voting for wingnuts -- wingnuts nutting their slimy path along the edge of the right and left wings of American politics.

I was brainwashed by all the youtube videos. I thought if Pat Buchanan couldn't come through and win for me, maybe this guy can. I think my reasoning for voting for guys like this is pretty rational considering what I want out of politics.

Legalize the indo

Having grown up in the East Bay, I appreciate dosia and its benefits on society. Tupac said it best, "Instead of smoking someone, go smoke a blunt." Or was that Tupac's mom? Someone said it. Also ringing true is the infamous RBL lyric "Damn that bammer ain't no good, you might as well smoke some rolled up wood." In my opinion, legalization would mean the end of schwag. Do you honestly think people in Amsterdam smoke nasty brown seeded garbage that even has some leftover paint chips in it from when the smugglers painted the fake gas tank? Do you think the Dutch pick through the bag and are like "Holy shit, there are actually some buds in here!" The bomb ass high potency sticky hydro bud is not the problem in America, bammer is. I'm sure even medical marijuana patients are tired of all the booty weed the cannabis clubs pass off as "Purple Berry Bubble Crush: not purple in color, but purple in taste!" I mean, c'mon, what the fuck kind of taste is "purple?" I don't eat a white eggplant and think "Damn, this may be a white eggplant but it still tastes hella purple." For fucks sake, America needs some good ass dank, not crop after crop of pretendo.

Give me a goddamn Mini-Uzi SMG

People from the suburbs talk about how we need more police, swat teams, prisons, gunfire detector -- but what about folks who actually live in the city? City folk don't need more fat doughnut eating cops to pull us over for switching four lanes to get to High Street without even bothering to use a signal. Fuck that shit. The American people don't need guns designed to kill deer, we need guns designed to kill people.

Read my lips

Income tax always pisses me off. The government takes money out of my pocket and I get nothing out of it. The government doesn't give me food stamps or a crazy check -- all I get is these welfare peoples' bill. The government half ass subsidizes health care just enough so that I still have to pay to go to some morally corrupt prozac-pushing doctor. The US military these days does nothing but support a bunch of dumbass Gomers who can't cut it in the real world. I wouldn't extend a loan to any of these dropouts, so why am I being forced to pay every year for their little kill-Iraqi conquest? Fuck our troops, I want a refund.

As for the rest of the issues Ron Paul supports, I could hardly care a damn. I don't mind if abortion becomes illegal in some bible thumping backwater hillbilly states. On immigration, I like Mexicans a lot better than the useless beer guzzling Canadians -- put a fence on that fucking border. Nuclear power? Yea right.

The reason I think Ron Paul couldn't get any votes is many of his supporters are lazy dumbfucks. Most of you generation Y morons didn't even bother to register for the Republican party and then got all upset that you couldn't vote for Paul in a closed primary. I've recently talked to a bunch of these young wannabe libertarian anarchist types who oppose all government spending but yet still take advantage of the very same government spending. Attention idiots, put your money where your mouth is. Stop wasting all your money on gasoline, meat, dairy, and tobacco. Yes, I know the tobacco case is "price support." Call it what you will and keep puffing away on some shit that doesn't even get you high.

If consumers who pretended to care about this stuff would actually boycott, perhaps the government would stop spending our tax money supporting dumbass industries. Instead, all these people can do is give me a bunch of statements that sound like paraphrased quotes out of one of Milton Friedman's books along with their weak rationale of why they smoke cigarettes, drive gas guzzlers, and eat hamburgers. Screw you lazy slobs. You libertarian anarchist fucks have no right to complain until you stop feeding the machine. Right now, I see you all as a bunch of no action taking, soft willed, talking head, pseudo-intellectuals.

Fuck this shit, I'm writing in Nader.

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