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Homies - figurines, submachine gunning fun.
2005-07-05 02:13:11

Pao Tzu: On The Beat
Anyone who capitalizes Punk Rock or Artist, even inside the privacy of their own brain, should be fucking shot.
-- The Compulsive Splicer


Homies, 8-ball, cholo, gata puta... the homies is straight collectifyin'

Homies. La Raza type figurines you wish you seen in a Kid Frost video back in the early 90s. Ain't no garbage pail homies. Straight from south 23rd st. Marcos Gonzales homies. The dope slangin, gang bangin, car jackin homies. No better spot in the bay area than Richmond to spark off artistic vibrance. Pixar homies.

In our streets, XIV, XIII, MSX3, XV3, roman numerals graffiti prison gangs... So naturally the homies shine light on the chicano culture of Richmond, California, famous for the collectivity of these miniature muchachos y muchachas artísticos.

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