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The cold war thawing

by Pao Tzu

2001-09-26 13:13:12

There may not be a hot war yet, but the ice war is surely over, with old political glaciers dumping their contents into the propaganda machine. To add to the mess, I offer up inflammatory words that may make your blue blood bubble.

U.S. Foreign policy - pimp em out then smack em down

We all know the nimda virus could be better spread with a few lines from Nostradamus than the auto-LAN infection strategy it employs. In the same way, propaganda about Afghanistan and the state harbored al-Qaeda can be just as easily spread with a few wild predictions and auto-infectious lies.

It was much easier for a naysayer like myself to diss U.S. foreign policy in the good old days of the Clinton administration. Back in the days of 1998, U.S. action against baby milk factories led to increased anti-U.S. sentiment among extremists in Islamic countries. It should have been obvious then that the missilized pharmaceutical factories were just another money laundering asset of the U.S. funded al-Qaeda organization. If it wasn't, how did military intelligence know it existed? In the minds of the spoonfed, this is not the case, CNN says different.

The majority of Americans fail to think for themselves and would rather sit on the couch with their tv and stress themselves out on coffee breaks reading fictional horror stories in newspapers. Even worse, with the rise of the commercial internet among duh-duh worker types, Americans even eat up their companies' time browsing Nostradamus "prophecies" and watching clips of terrorist attacks and Afghani rebels slicing the throat of a Russian soldier. Notwithstanding that I believe the latter video to be falsified, wouldn't you do the same thing if foreign soldiers were invading your country?

As any divination magician with equal insight as Nostradamus can predict, Russia will hold massive tank parades in Kabul after the Taliban are crippled by secret use of small-scale nuclear weapons by the U.S. and allies. Furthermore, the Russian mafia network between Yugoslavia, the U.S., and Southeast Asia will be strengthened by a weakened state in the heroin-rich region of Central Asia. The criminal transportation triangle surrounding the empire of Turkey will be established with the horn of Africa crippled by its #1 warlord financier exiled, none other than Osama bin Laden.

Africa will certainly go into some level of civil unrest over the conflict in Central Asia. Traditional heroin import-export routes through mafia links in Turkey which hook to to Somalia and the Sudan will inevitably see a profit decline with so many international borders being sealed from the mother load smack supply in Afghanistan. Money brokers, gun runners, and other heroes of the U.S. funded anti-communist mujahidin freedom fighters stand to lose much clout with the flow of heroin being stifled. Even anglo dominant countries will feel the effects with addicts from London to New York having increased adulterants in the cut. This lead to heavier rates of murder and theft in order to procure the a1 product.

How the fuck did these folks get to be organized killers? Surely no religious terrorist (AKA muslim mafia) organization comes to power by themselves, finding expert war training from well-organized brigands or coming across heavy artillery from legitimate deals. The real grand sensei of such carnal knowledge is the good old U.S., with its extensive cold war history of arming bloodthirsty rebels and training terrorists in the finer aspects of kamikaze bombing. In the same way that Iraq gained strength in its long war with Iran using U.S. military tactics, the mujahidin gained drug smuggling and commie-killing techniques from the same U.S. strategy masters. This is precisely how Afghanistan resisted the communist Karmal regime even with it being backed by a massive soviet military presence. Politics worked itself out between warring factions in the 1990s and the U.S. trained terrorists climbed to the top. The U.S. created the Taliban just like it made Saddam Hussein.

If the credit card funded world trade bombers hadn't toppled America's second tallest building, the media would have continued to censor the Taliban's brutal handling of domestic issues. What happens at an anti-Taliban protest in Afghanistan? Ask the victims in the mass graves. So goes the stories in Fall of 2001, in the post-terrorist attack media. In the pre-terrorist attack media, such stories were pushed under the carpet in favor of focusing on Christina Aguilera's skinny butt or various clean cut white male politicians getting their balls licked by interns. Now it is even common media practice now to support radical feminist groups like the rawa, who for years have been ignored in favor of concentrating on O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton.

Even when we needed a brainwashing exercise so people would accept missile attacks on Afghani "secret" bases, the media took no more than a few days to change the subject to the hit show "Friends" or mp3 piracy with napster. The 1st world ivory tower U.S. and "friends" completely ignore their own exploitation of the hundreds of millions of people in foreign countries until something big, say a terrorist bombing or a massive war, takes place. To anyone who would argue that the media concentrated on Yugoslavia even before rich countries were involved, I remind them of the white folk factor.

The madness will continue as long as we keep driving cars, drive through to McDonald's, eat a cheeseburger that took 500 gallons of water to produce, check mark that lunch is taken care of on a palm pilot, and judge the cashier by the color of their skin and count out every last cent letting the engine idle. All this knowing full well the nimda-virus infected computer still told them accurately how much change to take out of the cash drawer.

It is a shame 7,000 people died in the plane attack. It is sad that 500,000 Iraqi children were starved to death in the last ten years of economic imperialism. Besides the sadness, I am happy the WTO headquarters lays in a pile of rubble. Good fucking riddance.

I mean, God bless America. I hope every last one of the 25,000,000 innocent people in Afghanistan knows how big and bad the U.S. is, Lord knows they deserve full nuclear retaliation.

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