Prescription tweeds cashed
2001-05-14 22:21:07

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It is time to scrape your pipe for that resin glob, looks like Uncle Sam just fucked us over again.

Many of you are sitting out there with your 166 hydro plants sparked out with sun lamps, lighting up a fat one thinking "Ding? Ding? Uhh... oh shit, damn, microwave." Well, the time to slack is no more, millions of marijuana addicts are regulated to getting weed in dime bags from the local street gang again with the challenge to the 6 different medical marijuana suppliers in California backed by Monday's supreme court ruling.

For those of you not from California, the medical marijuana companies, I mean, "care providers" have recruited hundreds of local yokels in the Northern California area to grow mass pounds of weed in their backyards. These bushels of dank are shipped to the medical marijuana facilities some 90 to 300 miles in the North/South direction where it is properly manicured, packaged, and sold as the "Northern Ice," "Purple Crush," or "Big Blue Bubble Berry" variety of tweed cluster. Patrons of the various hooter hospitals, usually a normal looking club made from a transformed bar or pizza parlor, carry a range of ID cards allowing them to buy weed, smoke weed, and not have their weed confiscated by police.

The only court case in which proposition 215 weed was not returned to the owner had to do with a Garberville man who couldn't get his ounce back after being caught with it in a traffic stop. This was because the man was accused of transportation of drugs instead of simple possession. As well, cops refused to return the 84 plants they seized from his home, even though he kept all his medical papers in proper order. Cases like his have been central to heated debate about what constitutes compassionate use, what a legal prescription for marijuana is, and if US law supercedes California law in the matter.

Well, fuck this! People, don't let something we voted for as Californians get fucked up by the moral majority! Urge your AIDS patient friends not to chop their plants down prematurely because of this ruling. Demand that your local police follow the guidelines set down by proposition 215 and not today's ruling. Inform others about the beneficial effects of good weed and that really sick people need to get all goofy so they can sit down, eat, watch tv and keep living to see another day.

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