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Collecting seed
2000-02-22 04:51:26

Pao Tzu: On The Beat
Canadia should be dissolved and given to the Tongans.
-- Master Squid


Informative guide to getting you con-artist business off the ground

Hey, so you're reading this, and you are probably some dipshit who paid big $$ to get an iMac e-machine pre-configured usb extended warranty POS. OK, maybe your system isn't under warranty, but you get the idea.

Windows 2000 problems

Printer not printing? Midi delay? Other incompatibilites? Revert to windows 98/95/NT today. Call for info on how to contact certified computer repair specialists in your area. call 555-1212 or see our website

Computer Consultant

Hassle-free networking without paying for windows 2000. Certified computer expert. On-site or in-home computer upgrade, repair, and appraisal. Fees negotiable. 555-1234 or email

Internet advisor

Internet questions? Software questions? I have answers. A+ certified and willing to help show you how to get on the net cheap and how to make your business more efficient. 555-4321,

This works fucking beautifully. Especially for someone who knows what the fuck they are doing with simple business network shit. Short term consultation and repair pays up to $100 an hour!

Market saturation is high, dummy businesses are the only way to stay on top of things. Outspam the competition. Live the American Dream.

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