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JerkCity 2.0 is coming!!!
2001-11-01 03:03:25

Net Flotsam
I guess that leaves killing Hare Krishnas as the only vice I've got left. Funny, because no one's been on me to kick that habit.
-- Bill Hicks


The alien! The flower! The beatnik! All your favorite characters from the daily web comic JerkCity are still going strong. But now JerkCity 2.0 is on its way!

What is JerkCity 2.0? Er, I don't know. Maybe it's longer. I mean, it looks longer from the beta version they put up on the web. Or maybe it's all just a big put-on.

But either way, JerkCity has a bunch of fans here at Pigdog Journal. Mr. Bad and Tjames even interviewed the authors on IRC -- as you can see from this wacky cartoon-style multi-part interview thing -- asking the tough Pigdog-style questions about the comic's connection to Microsoft Chat.

JerkCity! JerkCity! If you haven't been reading it in a while, this is a good time to get ready for something new. And if you're a new reader, well, check it out!

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