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Lesbian -- or German?
2001-08-06 01:18:39

Net Flotsam
I hate Feinstein, okay? And I don't vote with my cunt.
-- Siduri


Hey kids! Blair magazine invites you to play the game that's sweeping the web. It's called "Lesbian -- or German lady?"

The rules are very simple. The site presents a "bevy of teutonic babes" -- and your job is to distinguish the femme and butch lesbians from the ones who are just heterosexual Germans. The snap-shots were taken at Liberty Island. ("The new Lesbos," the site assures us.) Got your gay-dar set to extra sensitive? Then "lez play!"

Of course, half the fun is the catty comments from the staff of Blair. ("She LOOKS meek, but check out the SCAR across her cheek!!! Don't mess with this psychotic masterpiece." "This lady is undoubtedly someone's mom...") But it's all lovingly mixed together with their cheerful sex-positive atttitude. ("Go ahead! Cop a feel, why don't you!" they advise at one point...)

The hijinx continues the proud tradition from one of the site's earlier games -- "Gay or Euro-trash". ("Ich bin ein berliner und mein shorts are too short!") And if you poke around the site, there's also a demented feature called Puppet Fight! (Today's match-up? Lady Elaine Fairchild versus Waylon Flowers' Madam and Willie Tyler's "Lester".) There's even a style piece on wheelchairs

But if you're looking to clock some girl-girl fun -- and you're not Jenna Bush -- then grab a gander at Lesbian or German lady!

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