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Make Your Own Electronic Music Genre
2000-04-08 15:27:02

Mr. Bad's List
Man, what a shitty week I am having... grumpy doesn't even begin to describe my mood. Chachi, say something stupid so I can yell at you.
-- Johnnie Royale


Tired of trying to detangle the mish-mash of electronic music factions out in the world today? Mr. Bad says: GIVE UP, and join the madness instead. Pull some brand-new genres out of your ass with Mr. Bad's Patented Electronic Music Genre Generator!

DIRECTIONS: Take a word from column A, then add a word from column B, then a word from column C. Beaujolais! You have created your own electronic music genre! For advanced use: try throwing in some hyphens.

Happy Trip Core
Ill Ambient House
Trip Dance Hop
Aggressive Manchester Goa
Old New School
West Coast House Trance
Deep Jungle Drum & Bass
Progressive Hard Techno
Big Beat Break
Experimental Gar Bient
Brooklyn Hip Style

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