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Officer Friendly Howls in Frustration
1999-10-23 14:20:00

You say that like Hawaiian Punch and Vodka is a bad thing.
-- Johnnie Royale


I make no bones about it: I hate cops. In my entire life, I've only met two cops that I consider to be shinning examples of being a peace officer. The rest I consider to be nothing more than uniformed thugs with guns. They exist within their own social circle with little to no contact with anyone who isn't a cop. They behave as if anyone who isn't a cop is considered a subhuman form of life to be looked down upon and herded like sick cattle. I'm certainly not the only person that feels this way about cops.

We have on record example after example of cops grossly abusing their positions of power. And unfortunately, the chances of you being on the business end of this abuse are becoming greater every day. Especially if you happen to be a non-Caucasian, male driver. No one in this country knows this better than the American Civil Liberties Union.

The ACLU, contrary to what AM radio blowhards would like you to believe, is a non-partisan organization devoted to the defense of Constitutional & Civil Rights. They have defended everyone from The Black Panthers to Oliver North. Recently, the ACLU placed on their web site a document that will have bad cops all over the United States punching the brick walls of the local donut shops in frustration.

In light of so many people being popped for "Driving While Black," the ACLU has created the "Bust Card." A set of instructions on what you should do if you a cop stops you, shows up on your doorstep, or arrests you. This is a must-have for anyone living in the U.S.

Some of the information contained on the "Bust Card" is common sense, such as keeping your wits about you and your temper in check when confronted with an arrest situation; and some is legal technicalities that not every citizen may be aware of, but would be in their best interest to memorize, in the event that a "worst case scenario" should arise. I admit, this probably won't make the cops treat you any better than everyone else. But it's good advice and a step in the right directionů and hopefully will make them think twice.

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