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Steve Feuerstein, You ROCK!
2000-10-18 23:15:52

Only punks beat women and kick their dogs
-- HST


d00d, I have to say that I really am not a big fan of O'Reilly and Associates or their many books. I dunno, they get a good rap from most geeks, but in general I find them tedious, convoluted, and pretty much lame.

Then again, I don't like any computer books. OK, actually, I love the fine work of Leo Brodie in Starting Forth, but what can you say to that? Fuck, I guess I need to write a book review about it. Masterful work! Great cartoons! And lots of forth. Hell, maybe that's what I don't like about most computer books: not enough Forth.

ANYWAYS, like I was saying, O'Reilly don't really float my boat. But CHECK this OUT: the new O'Reilly book about Oracle, called like Using Freak-Ass PL/SQL to Make Oracle Weirdness with Crazy Oracle 8i, is like nothing I've ever seen. And it's all due to the high craziness of author Steve Feuerstein.

You'll have to read the article I'm linking to to see what I mean. But my main point is this: Mr. Bad salutes you, Steve Feuerstein! Thanks for making the point that computing is not just about emp-dep-manager tables,. We're not all dickbrain market-driven corpo dweebs, fuckerz! So there!

Also, I completely agree with you on most of the political stuff, and I hope someday to be watching "Face the Nation" and see Henry Kissinger dragged off the stage by black-suited Interpol shock troops and taken to a UN prison in Malta or something. Bwahaha! Run, war criminal, run!

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