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Yet More Humongous Bullshit From Congress
2000-10-12 13:28:59

-- Doctor Murdock


Well, this shouldn't be too surprising: your Federal government is once again trying to trample any rights you might have on-line. I'm getting sick of writing these damn articles, people! Fucking fuck!

OK, so at the end of this article is a link to an ACTION ALERT about a new bill, S 2516 , the so-called Fugitive Apprehension Act of 2000, which would give U.S. Marshalls sweeping powers to subpoena electronic records without notification. Yet AGAIN, the Feds are trying to be able to stomp all over your privacy with hobnailed jackboots. When will it stop? When? When?

Now, if this Fugitive Apprehension Act were about finding HARRISON FORD and kicking his ass, man, I'd be all for it. But it's really about the Feds being able to rifle through all your info (bank records, etc.) WITHOUT a warrant and WITHOUT any supervision. In other words, it's really the Federal Fuck-With-Bad-People Act of 2000, and therefore it must be stopped.

[What the fuck do the U.S. Marshalls DO, anyways? How are they different from the FBI? What about the ATF? Why do we have so many Federal cops in this country?]

So, go read this action alert (written by libbertarians, by the way) and then call your congressional Representative and tell them NO on S 2516! No no no! OK, cool. Oh, wait! Send your friends a link to this article, too, so they go fight for justice and freedom, too. OK, do that.

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