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Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
2000-07-08 10:47:20

Next dead man float I'm gonna have is gonna have a piece of Mr. Bad floating in it.
-- Johnny Royale


"Calling all jammers, hackers, ne'er do wells, travellers, detourners, street urchins, lumpen, comedians, poets, singers, dancers, autonomists, anarchists, reformists, and insurrectionists! Billionaires for Bush (or Gore) is a mass, participatory media stunt designed to focus national attention on the big-money, corporate takeover of electoral politics, and the ramifications of this takeover for the poor and middle classes of America."

... or so goes the text of the e-mail spam currently circling the globe trying to whip up a frenzy of class-consciousness and grass-roots activism.

It just might work. The Republican and Democratic Party conventions are coming up this summer, and there are a lot of people out there who are not only mildly disgruntled, but they've also made enough money from the new economy boom that they can afford to take time off and protest the new economy.

Take feelings of envy, mix with a hatred of corporate welfare and a dose of class-consciousness, bake at 350 for 30 minutes and you get the "Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)."

From the SPAM: "Money dominates politics, this is nothing new. But the recent massive infusion of big corporate money into electoral politics has created a climate in which the only interests being represented are those of the economic elite. The policy agenda of this class - characterized by deregulation, privatization and incarceration - adds up to nothing less than a kind of low-intensity-conflict being waged on the poor and the middle classes of this country. It's a kind of class war, and the losers are the vast majority of the people of America, who work more hours for less pay, have seen their parks and schools lose funding as corporations recieve ever-larger subsidies and tax-breaks, who can't get decent health-care for themselves or their kids, who have seen more and more privatized prisons built as money is drained out of social programs, and whose information is provided by fewer and fewer sources, all corporate managed and owned. The winners are the rich, who sit in their taxpayer-subsidized luxury boxes drinking martinis while enjoying the longest peacetime expansion of the economy in history. New millionaires are popping up like weeds. The gap between rich and poor has become a chasm. The final demise of the democratic party as an alternative to the interests of the wealthiest was signalled by Clinton's signing of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, an act of savagery which has resulted in thousands of poor single mothers and their children being put out on the street. We deserve better, and will demand better. One way to get these issues on the national agenda is to highlight the pointless absurdity of the months-long game of political charades we are about to witness. We can think of no better way to do this than 'BILLIONAIRES FOR BUSH (OR GORE).' So join up today, 'because inequality isn't growing fast enough!'"

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