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Transfer Capacitor Storage Device

by Baron Earl

1999-06-30 11:11:10

The American Computer Company produced a web page announcing its new Transfer Capacitor Storage Device that can store 90GB on a device the size of a poker chip. Unlike previous announcements that ACC has made, this one is ALMOST FREE of references to the Roswell saucer crash and alien technologies.

"We have no idea where the drawings from which we derived our TCAP came from. They were extremely complex but not that detailed, we had to fill in the gaps. Obviously, very deep studies were performed, and IBM and Western Electric (Bell Labs) were involved in the 1947-1955 analysis of this technology, but from WHERE did it come? Neither IBM nor Bell could figure out what it did back then, but we have the advantages of a very brilliant scientist, and 50 years later science. Yet, compared to what the Army allegedly discovered 50 years ago, our rendering is probably rather primitive, but over time, as we develop more facilities, we should be able to migrate the Transcap into mainstream, replacing the Transistor. Average Humanity must be, on the intelligence scale, the equivalent of a "low grade moron" compared with wherever this device's design came from. In a report read to me yesterday, we have been told that IBM is extremely 'jumpy' about all this, and local confidential inquiries in the Westchester County, New York area around IBM's "New Orchard Road, Armonk" headquarters seems to indicate that while most IBM'ers agree with what we are doing 100%, IBM Corporate Relations continues to try to find ways to upset our applecart, pardon my pun."

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