Slashdot.org = SELLOUT.ORG!
1999-06-29 17:52:08

Laughable Technology
Please, folks, ASCII art is INTERLOGICAL POOPERY! Do not steal it, or you are a STEALER!!!!1!
-- Mr. Bad


You knew it was gonna happen sometime, didn't you? Slashdot.org has sold its community to the bucks boys for a mess of pottage. Har har har! The Dumb-Down Bundt continues its slimy slide!

For everyone who still thought that Slashdot.org was a grass-roots community, THINK AGAIN. Har! "Community" indeed! A community of dolts to be bought and sold like chattel!

This whole VIRTUAL COMMUNITY thing is making me real sick. I mean, there's something REALLY VENAL about venture capitalist fuckheads in suspenders and power ties trading communities around like stocks and bonds. Where will it stop? Can boxcars full of Net users be far behind? Who do you belong to today?

Anyways, I must applaud Commander Taco and his tribe of little henchmen! You sure managed to worm your way into the hearts of many Free Software advocates. And it paid off! Right on!

Anyways, I wish slashdot readers a lot of luck. Now go generate some content and read some ads and make andover.net real rich!

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