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Electric Minds Isn't Dead Yet?! HA HA HA HA HA
1999-06-28 09:27:26

Laughable Technology
I have enough hard alcohol in the house right now to get 5th SS Panzer Division tanked or the entire Senate (including those young cute female pages that Strom and Kennedy like) ripped. But I guess I can always use some more.
-- Johnnie Royale


I was pretty surprised when someone told me that Electric Minds was still around and kicking. I mean, this seemed like a real DUMB IDEA in 1996 or whatever. Why are people still doing this?

I guess I just kinda figgered that all those Net.Gain sites had gone the way of, you know, Grape Jam or something. Like, nice idea, thanks for playing, here's a lifetime supply of Turtle Wax, now fuck off.

But I guess some people are REALLY REALLY into hanging out with dipshits from the WELL in "cyberia" or whatever. Damn, I guess it's a VIRTUAL COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE -- with GUITAR! Or what have you.

So, I didn't really bother even checking this thing out. Blearch! The JOURNALIST'S CODE only goes so far, you know? But I'm perfectly willing to send people like you into the fray, anyways. Hey, if you see JON CARROLL, tell him I said Hi, OK?

P.S. I *know* that the WELL was bought by Salon. I think THAT'S a hoot, actually. I hope they pack all those snotty know-nothing prigs off to UZBEKHISTAN to work in the SLIME MINES. HAW!

Oh, but, uh, check out Electric Minds.

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