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All Browsers SUCK ASS; Film at 11
1999-06-20 12:43:42

Laughable Technology
To some its a six-pack, to me it's a support Group
-- Unknown


Ever try to make a commercial Web site? Then you know what kind of a royal PAIN IN THE ASS it is. You spend 20% of your time doing the real meat of the site, and 80% doing stupid BULLSHIT with JavaScript and frames and tables and this-doesn't-look-quite-right in Fuckhead Navisplorer four-dot-my-dot-ass. I HATE that!

The most gruesome part is that there's all these goddamned STANDARDS for this kind of stuff. Like HTML 4.0, CSS 1 and 2, XML, and ECMAScript (the standardization of JavaScript/JScript -- yeah, I know it sounds like a skin disease, but it's a programming language). There are TEST SUITES and REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATIONS up the ass -- and yet, none of the three major browsers comes even CLOSE to working well with these technologies. GAR GAR GAR!!

It's a FUCKING STRUGGLE to use the Web. I HATE it. It's BULLSHIT. But maybe, just maybe, groups like Web Standards can put the HURTING on the browser vendors to conform to the goddamned standards. is an advocacy group. They've got a real simple baseline request to browser makers: support the above-mentioned standards. That's it. It's not HARD to DO. The CODE is out there! Man, what's such a fucking big deal about this?

Sure, there are other things you can do to get these standards well-recognized. Contributing code to Mozilla would be good. Writing clever, angry commentary in Webzines helps, kinda. But really, giving the vendors a clear message is the best way.

Because it's not supposed to be this hard -- it's really not.

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