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Night of the Living Dead OS
2000-06-22 14:13:16

Laughable Technology
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Won't the Ameager ever DIE???

They're at it again. I don't know why or how, but some crazy Germans and Washingtonians are pushing the Amiga at us again.

With the first press release "Amiga's relationship with Corel a RAGING SUCCESS" dated April 1, 2000, I figured that this had to be some sick pervert's April Fool joke. But no, this seems to be an ACTUAL COMPANY running like a forty-five year-old with a potbelly trying to score touchdowns in the Super Bowl to reclaim his delusions of High School glory.

From the day that Amiga reneged on their contract with Atari and sold their system to Commodore (nice to get paid twice for one job, huh?), the Amiga has been the evil interloper designed to make us thankful we were using a mainstream OS, and to remind us what not to do when using an "alternative" OS. Thankfully, the word "Amiga" has become synonymous with "loser that's been left in the past but still thinks its better than everything else." So you hear the inevitable comparisons between the Amiga and OS/2, or the Amiga and Betamax (interestingly, you can substitute "Betamax" for "Amiga" in any conversation and not notice the difference, as in "d00d, xxxxxx just was too good for commercial success. People didn't need that kind of professional quality. Look, TV stations still use xxxxxx!". See? I rest my case).

Now the Ameager even has Javur and runs on the PowerPC chip. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

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