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Pacifica Radio and KPFA in BLOOD FEUD
1999-07-13 20:31:36

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This is COMPLETELY CRAZY, folks! Left-leaning Pacifica Radio and its flagship station KPFA have been having bad blood for the past few months -- but now it's gotten personal!

Man! So here's the deal: Pacifica Radio is one of the oldest and best- established alternative radio networks in the US. Almost all the stations are listener-sponsored, and they're the best network for leftie news and grass- roots information that you can't get from the mainstream outlets.

Chief among them has been KPFA. It's been, like, a NEXUS of lefty freakos in San Francisco Bay Area, with great coverage of stupid wars, evil government crackdowns, and other fucked-up stuff that SOMEBODY needs to be talking about. Jesus, man, they are the information KINGS.

But ANYWAYS, Pacifica Radio has been trying to keep its financial head above water, what with the economics of being a Leftist network not being what they used to be. Part of this effort was that they installed a bunch of really screwball corporate types who want to clean up the network and make it more palatable to a mainstream crowd. When KPFAers criticized this policy on the air, Pacifica brought down the HAMMER and put a gag rule on KPFA, ordering them not to talk about the network's business on the air.

Well, that's when the SHITSTORM hit KPFA. Because Bay Area radicals don't take this kind of shit laying down. There were protests and firings and counter- firings and lawsuits and whatnot.

Until TONIGHT! This afternoon, a veteran broadcaster was EJECTED from the building by armed guards. THEN everybody was ordered to leave the building. The whole station has been put under the management of some guy from HOUSTON, which, like, FUCK HIM. Oh, but the people DIDN'T LEAVE the building - they're holding it HOSTAGE! And there's HUNDREDS of CRAZED RADICALS roaming the streets of Berkeley, threatening to eviscerate anyone who throws down for Pacifica Radio!

It's completely insane! Check this stuff out!

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