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Radio Talk Show Host Hits Below the Belt
1999-06-30 03:02:19

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"Reverse Speech" huckster and talk show host David Oates' sputtering career has been utterly rewound by Art Bell. Oates swears in an affidavit -- part of an abortive attempt to get a restraining order against Art Bell -- that Art and his radio network, Jacor, used their combined muscle to intimidate Talk Radio Networks into firing him. He goes on to say that to top it all off, Art posted a link to a disgusting nude photo of Oates, which was placed on the Net by a former chatroom girlfriend.

The affidavit acknowledges that more than one former girlfriend with a grudge has unsavory things to say about the Reverse Speech guru. According to Oates, Art seems to relish in linking to their web sites and their blistering commentary. As preposterous as it may seem, allegedly one girlfriend even accuses him of murder.

Alleged Nude Oates Oates says he sought a restraining order because Art makes daily nasty comments about him on both the Art Bell web site and radio show, which are damaging his career. Oates claims that Art is causing him "irreparable emotional, professional, and physical harm." Furthermore, bill collectors are hounding him to the ends of the Earth, because, due to the loss of his talk show, he only makes five percent of his former income and cannot pay his bills.

The court did not agree. His motion was denied, and a copy of it is now on public display on the Art Bell web site.

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