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Paywall no more!

by Baron Earl

2022-04-23 00:41:21

At Pigdog we post links to the best crap on the Internet, but sometimes the premium crap is behind a paywall, there to block you from reading the crap we link to until you fork over some moolah for a subscription to their crap site, just so you can read more crap! The good folks over at have a solution -- a cyberladder that will scale a paywall, letting you climb right over and read all of the crap you want, without forking over anything.

Since paywalled sites want Google to index the crap they post, when Google indexes a paywalled site the paywall comes down and lets Google's search spiders roam anywhere they want, without paying a thing. Google search spiders gather up all of the content that they can carry and then they store that in big oil drums sunken into the mud of South San Francisco Bay.

If you want to access a paywalled site, just prepend "" to the URL, like this: will go search through those oozing oil drums one by one, swatting away the spiders, retrieving the not-paywalled content directly from Google, and show it to you!

It doesn't work all of the time, and some sites actively try to block, but it works more often than not. The next time you want to read some crap for free, give it a try!

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