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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail
2019-01-18 00:02:10

Jabber Streams
He made a CD of nothing but midget porn...he found it all on the Internet...
-- Dr. Murdock


Ted Nelson invented hypertext and spent years developing and promoting Xanadu, a "digital repository scheme for world-wide electronic publishing." Using modern web technology you can read his old junk mail.

Although much can still be learned from the writings of Ted Nelson, one thing that many people didn't know was that he was a bit of a hoarder.

In fact, he appears to have never thrown away any junk mail he received throughout many decades of his life. The Internet archive is busy scanning that junk mail and putting it on-line, so that anyone can see ads for RCA Test Equipment, Autoclave valves and fittings, or Bell & Howell Super8 cameras.

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