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UK Takes Lead In Bestiality
1998-12-07 23:20:00

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The United States media is still controlled by puritanical censors who want to manipulate everything you hear and see! Once again, these bastards are putting a damper on our entertainment industry's creative edge! Other countries are zooming in to fill the niche, and this country is being left in the DUST. What we're talking about is network television's latest frontier: bestiality. And the British are now winning the race!! The United Kingdom's Channel 4 is gearing up to broadcast a huge bestiality special...

Ironically, American television was first on the scene with bestiality. Earlier this year, our most cutting-edge talk show host, Jerry Springer, was all set to air "I Married a Horse" a show about bestiality--featuring the tender love between a man and his horse--until several bad program directors for television stations in The South went crazy, and the syndicator of the show pulled the episode. That's when the English stepped in and GRABBED THE BALL. The BBC's new bestiality special profiles the very same horse-loving man, and his horse-wife, Pixel. (,

We can't afford for the English to take the lead in television. First television, then film, then computers... Where will it all end?

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