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Oh, oh, oh, the despair. Will I ever be kewl in Master Squid's eyes!
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August has been a hard month for anti-vax radio hosts

by Baron Earl

2021-08-29 22:30:00

Florida resident Marc Bernier, host of the right wing talk show The Marc Bernier Show, opponent of science and vaccinations of all kinds, died from COVID-19 yesterday. His last public tweet on July 30th compared the U.S. Government to Nazi's [sic] for encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Bernier was responding to a post from Nikki Fried who wrote: "The greatest generation had to defeat the Nazis to preserve our way of life, you’re only being asked to get a shot. So be a patriot. Turn off the TV and go get vaccinated."

Nikki Fried is a Democrat running against Florida’s current governor Ron DeSantis next year. An ally of Marc Bernier, DeSantis has heavily opposed COVID-19 restrictions, signed an executive order banning vaccine mandates and has undergone legal battles with schools districts over an executive order preventing districts from enforcing mask mandates.

Messages of sympathy came pouring into Twitter after the news of Bernier's death was announced.

"How comes you haven't tweeted in over a week??!" -- Spindrift Mike

"How’s that anti-vaccine bullshit working out for you?" --@MillerAltson

""Nazis" doesn’t get an apostrophe. Probably not the biggest error you’ve made lately but..." -- @RamaXMustGo

"I'm very sorry to hear that the direct and predictable results of your actions happened to you." -- Linda Sharp

"Heard ya got the ‘vid! Good luck with the medical bills and crippling lung damage." -- @pug_rocky

"He died doing what he loved: making the US weaker in the face of a pandemic." -- Alexandra Erin

"Bro this tweet did not age well. What say you?" -- @a175ranger

"I just love how Karma works!" -- @SoundThinker

He will not be missed.

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