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Another One Bites the Dust

by Baron Earl

2021-08-10 03:22:19

Prominent anti-vax, right wing talk show host, and part-time Newsmax anchor Dick "Dickhead" Farrel had been urging his listeners to avoid getting vaccinated for months. Dick called Dr. Anthony Fauci a "power-tripping, lying freak" who was part of a conspiracy of "power trip lib loons" because of Fauci's efforts to try to keep people from dying. Dick finally changed his tune this week after coming down with a serious case of being dead after getting infected with COVID-19.

Good riddance.

Although Dick Farrel is no longer urging his loyal fans to avoid vaccination and join his death cult, the rest of us certainly hope they continue to do so, that they contract the disease, and that they die off in greater and greater numbers.

When you hear that we're heading into the fourth wave of COVID-19 in the United States, and people are being asked to mask up, keep socially distant, and stay away from crowds, remember that 99.5% of the people dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

Reportedly Farrel had a deathbed conversion, and started urging friends and family members to get vaccinated. However, since he never made that plea on the air, his true fans are free to continue living in their land of make believe. They can claim that Farrel died for some other reason, or that he's just laying low, or that he was forced off the air by THEM. We don't really care, as long as his fans don't get the shot and continue to get sick and die, they can serve as a warning and help convince people who are "vaccine-hesitant but not completely nuts" to get the shot.

We can slow the virus down and reduce the load on hospitals by masking up and keeping socially distant, but to get things back to normal more people will need to get vaccinated, and the number one reason that the vaccine-hesitant become vaccine-takers is because someone they personally know and care about died from the virus. That's literally the only way that anti-vaxxers will figure out that maybe they should get vaccinated, when someone they know dies and it occurs to them "that could have been ME."

As one of Dick Farrel's close friends wrote on her Facebook page, "COVID took one of my best friends! RIP Dick Farrel. He is the reason I took the shot." She saw no reason to take the problem seriously just because over 600,000 Americans died that she didn't know personally, the disease had to kill someone that she knew and cared about before she realized it was a problem, because she's the kind of stupid fucking self-centered moron who listened to Dick Farrel's radio show and believed all of the crap that came out of his mouth hole.

To get things back to normal the best thing you can do is get vaccinated, and then go out and mingle! Go to a night club, a restaurant, a concert, the gym. Don't wear a mask and start conversations with complete strangers! As more unvaccinated folks get sick and die, more vaccine-hesitant people will become vaccine-takers. As the number of unvaccinated people gets smaller and smaller the virus will stop spreading.

If we all do our part, we can stop this disease, and kill off a lot of annoying, stupid people at the same time. People like an anti-vax, right wing talk show host, and part-time Newsmax anchor Dick "Dickhead" Farrel.

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