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Lernu la lingvon internacian, fekachkalkano!
1999-10-19 22:14:26

Eat the Interlingvo
The fact that you are arguing with yourself is far more interesting.
-- Master Squid


Well, I just got finished writing a 12-paragraph rant about morning radio shows, and my browser crashed just as I was trying to submit it. I'm too pissed off to re-write it right now, so I'm going to punish all of you and put up another Esperanto link.

See, I think I've pointed out before that Esperanto is the language of Bad People of the Future. And it's TRUE. Mutants in the BAD LANDS will use Esperanto as their lingua franca when trading HUMAN SLAVES. It is the BAD PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE LANGUAGE. Get that through your head!

You may be wondering how YOU, an average schmo with an email address and a dream, can start learning Esperanto and become all chic and futuristic and vaguely sinister. The answer is: it's EASY! Just click on the link below, and do what they say, and nobody gets hurt and you learn Esperanto and then you can have a laser switchblade.

Or something.

Anyways, click the link, take the course, and WELCOME to the WORLD of TOMORROW.

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