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eLibrejo - La "e" Signifas "Esperanto"
2000-12-28 15:34:55

Eat the Interlingvo
Disneyland is like an airport: a fascist subdomain of the general ecosphere.
-- Mr. Bad


Check it: a cool and useful library of works written in or translated to Esperanto. All available on-line, for you, the ravenous Esperanto reader. Bujholej!

So, the deal with learning a language is this: unless you see it used a lot, you're never going to get the rhythm or the idioms down correctly. You have to see the instrument played by a virtuoso before you can play yourself, is what I'm trying to say. And Esperanto is no exception.

The eLibrejo at gives a good set of examples of books written in Esperanto. They're pretty dang good. Some of them are in the slightly archaic "Zamenhofa" Esperanto, but most are up-to-date and really readable.

My only beef is that the whole thing uses proprietary Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). Sure, you can read this stuff with like Ghostview or some shit, but the whole concept just rankles. Why isn't there a Free alternative to PDF, I got to ask? Maybe it's time for Pigdog Format for printable documents. I dunno.

Anyways, eLibrejo, check it out, tell em Pigdog sent you.

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