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They Need to Add "Bujholej" and "Gargar'!"
2000-12-20 19:07:56

Eat the Interlingvo
What? I don't speak your crazy moon language!
-- Crackmonkey


Yet more Esperanto fun for the crazy Esperanto set! You know who you are, you swingers you! I love the lot of you! Serious! I mean it! Let's do lunch and shit.

Check it: somehow or other I found this coolio Esperanto slang dictionary on the Innurnet. It's great! Well, OK, it's kind of not-great: it's got this big broken image at the top of the page, and it uses the crappy ISO-8859-3 character set, which like is for crazy Central European languages like Sorbian and also the OFFICIAL character set for Esperanto, having all the crazy little chapelitaj karakteroj and like that, but no browsers seem to support it so you just get these crazy symbolic logic characters and fractions like 1/4 and Old-e Englysh-e letters like "thorn" in your browser and the combination makes you feel like Bertrand Russell playing the small-town grocer in "Beowulf" and it just looks like shit.

I mean it, man.

But besides that, rock on and anon with this bitchen Esperanto slang dictionary. It's like the great superb list of every slang word ever invented in the super interlanguage. Sure, it hasn't been updated since 1996, so the words are probably the E-o versions of "k-rad" and "gag me with a spoon," but who cares? Beats the crappy slang I got from "Teach Yourself Esperanto" (1956).

Go sling some slang, bad people!

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