Excellent Internet Radio in Esperanto!
2000-10-18 20:26:01

Eat the Interlingvo
All these worlds are yours. Except for Neptune. That one is Arkuat's.
-- Head-Freezin' Gene


Bujholej! I'm pleased to report yet another fine RealAudio Internet radio show. But this one is in ESPERANTO. Bonege!

I'm sure that I don't need to explain the vital importance of Esperanto to Bad People everywhere. It is, indeed, the language of Bad People of the Future, and I know that each and every one of us has been studying frantically the intricacies of the language and practicing writing and reading whenever possible.

Still, perhaps you are worried that when you're incarcerated on the Jungle Prison Planet Diarmidi, your pronunciation will be so bad that the 8-headed Laser Beast that you are trying to recruit for your breakout attempt will not understand you at all. Never fear, my Bad friend! There's some help for you.

For years, Radio Poland has been sending out Esperanto broadcasts, "Esperanto Ekspreso" and "Homoj kaj Problemoj," that are available all over Eastern and Central Europe. They're considered some of the best spoken Esperanto examples available. The really best part, I think, is the Moviefone News on the March theme music, but that's just me.

Anyways, NOW, through the power of the GLOBAL WORLD WIDE INNURNET, you are able to hear full programs on-line. So, go listen to some Esperanto right now! It's cool.

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