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Schemes and Plots

by Mr. Bad

1999-06-12 21:22:03

Dig it: XML is funky fat. Everybody knows this. But you can't DO anything with it unless you got a SCHEMA. You got a SCHEMA? I thought not. So, check out

I'm the kind of dork who reads programming-language specfications in bed. So, I think this site is so, so, so cool. It's a collection of all the XML DTDs known to man and beast.

See, XML is cool, but it lets you define everything YOURSELF. So, if everyone's making up their own languages, how does anyone know what anyone else is talking about? They use a SCHEMA - it's a definition for what XML can say.

Anyways, somebody over at decided to gather all the known XML schemata (also known as DTDs) into one cool place for you to browse. Some that I really like are the XML Bookmark Exchange Language (XBEL), for exchanging browser bookmarks, and UXF, or UML eXchange Format, for portable UML class diagrams. But there's lots more, too.

Anyways, you should check this site out if you're really really boring or a data-definition dweeb. Like ME! Cool!

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