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New Twist on Searching for New Twist
2003-06-02 23:50:00

Quantum Deepfried Electro-Diddle
"It's for the children" has now been supplanted by "we're at war against terrorism."
-- The Compulsive Splicer


When was the last time some company produced a new Search Engine and you actually gave a shit?

Once I found Google, I'd pretty much given up on even LOOKING at other search engines. Why bother? When I needed to find something, Google gave me the links I was looking for right at the top of the page, no muss, no fuss.

While Google uses the links between sites to find the site most relevant to your search, KARTOO shows what those relationships ARE. It maps the "strong" links between sites and pulls them all together into an interactive Flash map. I put in friend's web site names, and lo and behold, found who their friends are, and their friends' friends. It gives you the vicarious thrill of instantly visualizing 7 degrees of web separation... I know Bob and his web site is linked to by Janet's and hers is intertwined with Frank who is highly thought of by the NRA... You can imagine the FBI using a tool like this to unpeel the relationships of a high tech mob family, or to make lists of the usual suspects for a 21st century COINTELPRO operation.

It's cool AND nefarious AND it finds stuff. It needs to be fed more data and map more links, but KARTOO kicks serious butt.

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