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Webzine99 going on NOW!
1999-07-24 12:25:57

Digital Gar Gar Gar!
I love America so much that I want to fuck it.
-- Miss Conduct


Hey, check out the crazy action at Webzine99! Home away from home for Pigdog Journal and dozens of other Webzines for one day only!

Well, sure, I've been hyping this crazy Webzine99 thinger for a few weeks now. I think it's the cat's meow. And right NOW we are at the Webzine99 ground zero of fun! Can you believe it?

OK, well, actually that's a lie. I'm actually sitting at my computer at home, getting READY to go to Webzine99. I should have got ready last night, but instead I went to Albany and got REAL DRUNK on call cocktails at Club Mallard with Zacho, Special Ed, and Wendy. I was supposed to be working on stuff for Webzine99 with Splicer, but instead I was drinking delicious martinis with Bombay Sapphire! Beaujolais!

As a brief aside, I highly recommend getting the Bombay Sapphire if you're feeling all fancy and want to start getting call drinks. See, if you call vodka, like say Ketel One, they don't pour you a whole lot of it because they gotta save some for all the other fancy people who call Ketel One. So they just give you a little blip of vodka: BLIP. But if you call GIN, you'll get LOTS of gin, because NOBODY LIKES GIN. So they don't care about conserving the gin, and, hell, they kinda want to get it out from behind the bar because it smells terrible, so they just go BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP dumping gin in your martini glass! Splashing it everywhere, even dumping it erotically on the scantily dressed cocktail waitresses! They are generous to a fault with GIN! So get that!

So anyways, I got real drunk on gin and then went over to Powerful P A U L's house at like 1AM. P A U L has a life-size cutout of Spock that we NEEDED for the Webzine99 thing, so we went and liberated Spock. P A U L was still up, because he was moving to his new house and shit, so we came in. The GREAT part was that he and his bad wife Distressa have a huge liquor cabinet that they didn't want to pack for their move. So we mixed lots of Drambuie with pickle juice from the nearly empty fridge, and drank that, and got really bad drunk, and I didn't get home till 4AM, and that's why I'm late for Webzine99. DAMN!

Anywho, we're gonna have a big TABLE at Webzine99, with Pigdog Journal all set up so you can read it there, and fliers and stickers and crazy Pigdoggers that you can get your picture taken with. It'll be real fun. There's also gonna be a live simulcast of these crazy TechnoState people, who are going to be pounding out big techno for your viewing pleasure. And the WryBread cam, which is like the link at the bottom here.

So, if you are a Pigdog fan, come show us your love at the Webzine99. It will be the fun stuff! Or look at the cam if you can't make it! Like I care!

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