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Webzine 99 is July 24th - Rocking
1999-07-09 09:28:53

Digital Gar Gar Gar!
I am all like Rasputin and shit. They call me the Ogre Juggernaut...
-- Tjames Madison


Now is the time on Webzines when we DANCE! It's time once again for Webzine 9x, the Web zinemakers' confab and celebration. You should COME!

Pigdog Journal sent a recon team to Webzine 98 here in San Francisco last year, and we had a real good time. My one big complaint was that it didn't seem like there was enough grass-roots involvement from Web zine makers like us.

But not this year! PDJ is going to be OUT IN FORCE for Webzine99, and we'll be participating at all levels. It's still possible for YOU, independent Web content creator, to get in the door, too. You should look at this site, sign up, get into it, and get on stage.

Not to toot our own horn, but it's a BITCH to get a Web zine going. Many are called, but few are chosen. We deserve a party. If you make a zine, so do you.

Tell yer zinester friends that Webzine 99 is the place to be, eh. More zinesters, more fun, more CRAZINESS and techno music and Digital GAR GAR GAR! Don't let the assholes and dilettantes take over the Web -- check out Webzine 99.

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